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Making Moonshine Using Sugars

The purpose of this particular step by step guide on how to moonshine is to demonstrate to the reader how to make moonshine using a sugar wash. A sugar wash is a great first step if you have just purchased or perhaps made your still and you have never made moonshine before in your life. Sugar washes are easy to prepare and have a very high success rate even among novice moonshiners. They also offer an opportunity to try your still out and determine at what displayed vapour temperatures you will yield the different compounds that the wash contains.

In all of the recipes and guides on how to moonshine on this website we divide spirits into two categories, sugar based washes that contain ingredients such as white sugar, raw sugar, dextrose, molasses, fruit juices and any other ingredients that contain sugars that can be directly fermented or grain based washes that contain starches that must be converted into fermentable sugars by the use of enzymes such as beta-amylase. Grain based washes have ingredients such as malted barley, barley, malted rye, rye, wheat, corn and other grains besides.

This rough categorizing makes things a lot clearer for the novice moonshiner, there are things that can be fermented straight away and things that need mashing first. This might offend some purists to some small degree but makes it easier for those just starting out. This step by step guide discusses how to make moonshine from ingredients that can be fermented without any special treatment, other than perhaps adding some water first.

The sample recipe we will use in this step by step guide is literally a sugar wash as its key ingredients are 8kg of sugar, 25 litres of water and of course a good turbo yeast to get things fermenting. The objective will be to create a neutral spirit that can be mixed with spirit essences or consumed as a vodka. Following this guide with a little practice the moonshiner should yield about 10-12 litres of finished neutral spirit at 40% ABV.

We will also take a look at a basic rum that will comprise of 4kg of raw sugar, 3 litres of molasses and either a turbo yeast or a rum yeast if the reader can find one in his state and territory. This sideways look at making a rum as another example of a sugar based wash allows us to explain how the moonshiner may wish to make his cuts during the distillation process and also round out the section on how to flavour and age the finished spirit.

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