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Moonshine Recipes - How to Make Whiskey

Whiskey, or its alternate spelling whisky, is a name given to a broad range of spirits made from fermented grain mash and usually aged in wooden casks or barrels. The most common whiskey that springs to mind for most people is Scotch whiskey, which is made from peat smoked malted barley and aged in used casks that may have contained madeira, port or similar or alternately aged in new wood. Although Scotch is undeniably one of the most readily recognised there are many different types of whiskey and they are often linked closely to the region in which they are produced. When a Scotsman goes into a bar in Scotland and asks for a nip he doesnt ask for a nip of Scotch he asks for a nip of whisky. Bourbon is another example of a regional whiskey but has become popular to the point where it is consumed worldwide and certainly was worthy of its own section due to the fact that it has a more specific grain bill. To be truly considered bourbon it should be made in the United States of America.

So on the occasions where I am asked how to make scotch my reply is usually that the first step is to move to Scotland. Scotch whiskey is unique to the region it is produced because of the combination of local ingredients that together make the finished product, the peat smoked malted barley, the local spring waters and the casks that are sourced combine to make a whiskey that can only be reproduced in the local area. So a better to question to ask is not how to make scotch but how to make whiskey.

We can divide whiskey into two categories, a malt whiskey is made primarily from malted barley and a grain whiskey is made from any type of grain. They can be combined in a number of different ways, a single malt whiskey is made from a single distillery made from a mash that contains only one specific malted grain. Blended whiskeys are usually made from a mixture of malt and grain whiskeys and often have extras such as neutral spirits, caramel and flavourings added. A blended malt whiskey is a mixure of single malt whiskeys usually from different distilleries.

To simplify matters somewhat in this section on how to make whiskey we shall try and take into account regional differences wherever possible without focusing on them too much, after all the single malt whiskey you make at home can with a little care and practice rival some of the finest whiskeys in the world. Both malt and grain whiskey fall easily into this category and you will find a few moonshine recipes that will rival anything you might buy in a liquor store.