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Moonshine Recipes

It woud be very unfair of us to show you how to make moonshine without going that extra mile and providing a few recipes as well. All of the information provided on this website really leads up to this point, where you should now know how to make moonshine and only need a few good recipes to get the spirits flowing.

There are many different moonshine recipes and we cant hope to include every single one. Not all of the recipes we include are tested by us though many that are included are old favourites. All are checked to ensure they appear correct and look like a recipe for moonshine (as opposed to say chocolate mud cake) and added on their merits. We've been making moonshine for years and know what a moonshine recipe looks like so the reader will not likely encounter any problems.

We have a number of alternatives where available for each type of commonly consumed spirit and if you try one and dont like the results consider trying another or even customising it to suit your palate. Was the rum too sweet? Add less caramelized sugar or maybe consider a white rum. When you are making your own moonshine the only tastes you have to please are your own.